Nintendo DSi Shop (DSiWare)

Nintendo DSi Shop (DSiWare)

Digital Release:Nintendo DSi
November 1, 2008

Nintendo DSi XL
November 21, 2009
Delisting:March 31, 2017 - Nintendo DSi
Jan 01, 2021 - Nintendo 3DS (See Below)
Available On:Some titles available on other Nintendo platforms, PC, and consoles
Links:Nintendo Support announcement
Nintendo News announcement


On April 1st, 2016 Nintendo announced plans to close the Nintendo DSi Shop on the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL, colloquially referred to as DSiWare. The announcement laid out a two-part timeline with the ability to add funds ending on September 30th, 2016 and the ability to make purchases ending on March 31st, 2017. The announcement further stated that the ability to re-download DSiWare titles would end “at some point” but no further information has been revealed as of January 2021.

After March 31st, 2017 the DSi Shop contained only the 3DS Transfer Tool to download, information about the closure, and the ability to browse and download previous purchases. This can be seen in our recording made just a few days after the closure took place. At the time of the original announcement in April of 2016, Nintendo’s support FAQ revealed a handful of non-transferable titles:

Pre-Loaded DSiWare/Applications (games that came on the system) will not be transferred to the Nintendo 3DS family system. This includes titles like: Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters, Brain Age Express: Math, and Photo Clock.

If you purchased these titles separately via the DSiShop, they will transfer normally during the system transfer process. All DSiWare games currently available will be transferable from the Nintendo DSi to the Nintendo 3DS family system, with the following exceptions:

Asphalt IV
Flipnote Studio
Let’s Golf
Nintendo DSi Browser
Oregon Trail
Real Soccer 2009
Real Soccer 2010
Sudoku Student

The only official comment on the closure came from Nintendo’s support FAQ page which stated that “among other things, [closing the DSi Shop] allows us to focus our resources on current and upcoming products and services”. As the DSi Shop was likely operated separately from the Nintendo eShop for 3DS, Wii U, and Switch, it was likely shut down to consolidation resources. On September 29th, 2017 Nintendo would announce a similar roadmap leading to the closure of the Wii Shop Channel for the Nintendo Wii.

The majority of DSiWare releases remained available to browse and purchase from a Nintendo 3DS until January 1st, 2021. On or very near this date, approximately 250 DSiWare titles released between 2009 and mid-May of 2011 (with a few exceptions) were delisted across North America and Canada. Over the next twelve days the great majority of these titles would come back online without explanation from Nintendo. The wave of delistings was possibly caused by an unexpected hardware or network failure, or an unannounced move to consolidate server resources.

DSi Availability & Pages on the Site

As of our recording in January of 2017, there were approximately 530 DSiWare titles available for sale in North America. By our next recording in April of 2019 the count was down to 454 DSiWare titles. On January 12th, 2021, after a partial eShop outage had been resolved, there were 446 DSiWare titles available for sale in North America. Due to earlier delistings, these counts do not represent the total number of games and apps released on the Nintendo DSi since its launch.

We have previously added several delisted DSiWare titles to the site but due to the sheer volume of games and apps to research we will not be adding individual game pages at a regular pace. The table below includes any DSiWare titles already on the site and may be expanded to include other known delisted releases. We suggest referring to Wikipedia’s extensive list of games and applications to find specific titles, territories, and release information.

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