Blockado – Puzzle Island

Blockado – Puzzle Island

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Blockado – Puzzle Island was last confirmed available on Nintendo DSi on September 10, 2015, and was delisted by May 13, 2016. Blockado was most likely delisted due to the closure of developer Bitfield, who has not released any games nor updated their website and social media accounts since 2011. With no entity available to support the game, it was removed from sale.

About the Game

Help Valerie escape from a mysterious island by solving puzzles and becoming the ultimate puzzle mastermind.

This is a thrilling puzzle game for casual and advanced players alike. Help Valerie escape a mysterious island by solving puzzles to uncover hidden clues about the island’s past. Simply move the treasure chest to the exit field. But beware – other stones will block the way. Magnetic, spring and twin stones will challenge you as you progress.