uno-ps3Digital Release:PlayStation 3 PSN
September 24, 2009 (JP)
October 1, 2009 (US)
October 15, 2009 (EU)
Delisting (approx):
Relisting (approx):
Available On:PlayStation 3 (US) page


Reader BlackwinGzReborn commented on March 30th, 2018 and pointed out that the UNO Full Game Unlock was again available on the North American PlayStation Store for $4.99. The demo has been available for PlayStation 3 since 2010 but the ability to buy the full game was removed at some point in 2015 (see Delisting below for detail).

As of this update the Unlock has only returned for the North American version of the game. The PlayStation Portable version, also by Gameloft, has not returned.



UNO on PlayStation 3 was assumed to be delisted in 2015. Forum discussions in June of 2015 imply the game was removed around the same time as its WiiWare counterpart. There is also some evidence that the game may have been delisted earlier, in 2013, shortly following its final sale in January of that year.


About the Game

The demo remains available on the PlayStation Store in North America.

Get ready to call “UNO” on your PlayStation®3 system! The world famous card game is faithfully reproduced for the PS3™ system and also features exciting new rules. With a multiplayer mode played on one PS3™ system or on PlayStation®Network, UNO™ has never been so fun and easy, so be the first to get rid of all your cards!

  • The #1 card game for friends and family fun recreated with the game’s classic identity and rules that are easy enough for anyone to understand!
  • A thrilling multiplayer mode on PlayStation®Network allows up to 6 people to experience all the enjoyment of playing UNO™ with friends. For a truly immersive experience, talk to your opponents and call out “UNO” for real using any compatible wireless headset for the PlayStation®3 system! Victory has never been so enjoyable.
  •  Allows for customising the game rules and discovering new ways to play UNO™ like “UNO 7-0”, “UNO Challenge”, “Jump In” and many others.


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