Chara Pasha! Kaiten Muten Maru

Chara Pasha! Kaiten Muten Maru

Digital ReleaseNintendo DS
September 14, 2011 (JP)
DelistingMay 29, 2015
DeveloperNippon Columbia
PublisherNippon Columbia
Available OnNone page
JapaneseNintendo coverage


All six Chara Pasha! (□キャラ・パシャ!) titles were delisted on the Nintendo DS in late May of 2015. JapaneseNintendo reported the notification at the time which named five of the titles to be delisted on May 29th: Chara Pasha! Hello Kitty, My Melody, SpongeBob, Cinnamoroll, and Kaiten Muten Maru. Chara Pasha! Kikansha Thomas had already been delisted by May 20th, 2015. In all cases, the titles were most likely delisted after the expiration of their licensing arrangements.

About Chara Pasha!

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