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About Delisted Games

Even in the age of digital, nothing lasts forever.

Delisted Games is here to chronicle the games you can’t play and do our best to find out what happened, when the game was delisted, and anywhere else that you can still find it (legally). Thanks to contracts and non-disclosure agreements, these details are hard to confirm but we’re doing our best to substantiate what we can.

Delisted Games started (and continues) as a series of YouTube videos that presents delisted games in an archival format.  After receiving tons of comments on these videos asking why the games were removed and how to get them back I decided to start this site. That was 2016 and since then the site has more than doubled in content, features, and viewership year after year.

So who’s behind this thing?
Largely, it’s me: Shawn Sackenheim. I’ve been writing, talking, and posting about video games on the internet since the mid-90’s on various sites, including my own. Outside of the news posts here on the site I try to keep things as factual and straight-forward as possible, relying on dates, data, and lots of links to tell the story of these delisted games.

Full disclosure: Ads & Affiliate Links
Speaking of ad blockers. I’ve tried to keep the ad banners to a minimum and build ad channels that don’t stray far from video games and tech, despite Google’s constant nagging to show you Online Dating, Lifestyle Product, and Virtual Gambling ads. Whether you click or not, the pennies are adding up and the proceeds help offset the hosting and domain costs.

For games that you can still buy I try to link to Amazon, or less frequently Play-Asia, who both offer affiliate programs. If you buy a game through these links, we get a little cut of the sale price. It also helps but more indirectly as the Amazon Affiliate money becomes an Amazon gift card.

Why WordPress?
I’m more of a tinkerer than a coder.  Rather than spend years learning to hand-craft a database I chose to get started as soon as possible with a platform I’m familiar with: WordPress. Thanks to a handful of plugins and my basic understanding of CSS and PHP I’ve built and refreshed the site a number of times since launching in March 2016.

It makes for a more manual process when adding games to the site but it was important to me to get started as soon as possible. Even in the few years the site has been around some of my sources and links have gone dark. Sadly, it’s only going to get harder to dig this stuff up as time goes on.

You can read more about the site’s design, advertising, and data collection on the Privacy Policy page.