About DELISTED Games

Even in the age of digital, nothing lasts forever.

Delisting is what happens when licensing deals, studio closures, and financial failures bring a downloadable game offline. Delisted Games hopes to chronicle as much of a game’s afterlife as Wikipedia does its creation and reception.

Delisted Games started (and continues) as a series of YouTube videos that present delisted games in an archival format.  After receiving tons of comments on these videos asking why the games were removed and how to get them back I decided to start this site. I envisioned it as the video game equivalent of Can I Stream.it? but it’s wound up feeling more like Know Your Meme. Every page will have pertinent release details, plenty of links and resources, and a history of events surrounding the game’s delisting. Thanks to contracts and non-disclosure agreements, these details are hard to confirm but I’ve done my best to substantiate what I can.

Why WordPress?
I’m no coder. Maintaining a massive database of all downloadable games is beyond me at this time. Rather than spend years learning to code I chose to get started as soon as possible (in March 2016, to be exact) with a platform I’m much more familiar with: WordPress. A few weeks of screwing around with CSS and PHP and I’ve gotten it looking pretty sharp in my opinion. The big features include:

  • A responsive search on every page; search by title, platform or company
  • A simple table with all the most important dates and details
  • The Extinct List: for all the games that are completely gone
  • The Watch List:  tips and a calendar of titles that may disappear
  • Links to companies and studios provide a quick bio
  • An archive of extinct titles with overview, cover art, images and videos

It’s a lot of manual work for me but I think it’s important to collect all the information on these games as soon as we can. It’s only going to get harder to dig this stuff up as time goes on.


 For those interested, the site is built on WordPress and uses a heavily modified version of the MyWiki theme backed up by a handful of super helpful plugins. When possible I use Amazon Associates and Play-Asia affiliate links when linking to products. These links help offset some of the costs of running this site. You can read more about the site’s design, advertising, and data collection on the Privacy Policy page.