Cosmos X2

Cosmos X2

Digital Release:Nintendo DS
August 30, 2010 (US)
September 15, 2011 (EU)
Delisting:September 29, 2018 (US)
September 30, 2018 (EU)
Developer:Saturnine Games
Publisher:Saturnine Games
Available On:None
Links:Saturnine Games page page


Saturnine Games announced on September 17th, 2018 that all of their 3DS and Wii U eShop releases would be removed from sale between September 29th and October 10th in various territories. This includes Turtle Tale, Antipole, and Cosmos X2. The full post from the team read:

“All games from Saturnine Games are going to be removed from the Nintendo eShop for both the 3DS and Wii U platforms.

In the Americas, Turtle Tale, Antipole, and Cosmos X2 will be removed from the Shop on September 29. In Europe, the games will remain available through September 30th. In both regions, Turtle Tale will be on sale for 33% off from September 20th until it’s removal.

In Japan, Turtle Tale will be available through October 10th.”

No direct explanation was given. In reply to the condolences and backlash on Twitter, the team only offered that “there are many issues involved in our decisions. We have no interest in discussing any more of it in public than is necessary.”

One of those issues could have been Saturnine’s dissatisfaction with Nintendo’s approval or support processes. It could also have been that Saturnine Games no longer met Nintendo’s criteria to maintain their developer or publisher status. As of this writing, no further explanation has been given and all three titles are considered Extinct.


About the Game

Enjoy on the go excitement as you take control of the Cosmos X2 and fight back against the alien invasion. Cosmos X2 features a unique weapon system providing a level of strategy not normally found in shooters. Equip your ship with two weapon systems of your choice, each with its own energy meter. Switch between the weapons at any time as the situation demands. Your current weapon will lose energy when the Cosmos X2 is hit, while the inactive weapon regenerates when enemies are defeated. Use your weapons wisely, as once an energy meter is depleted, the weapon cannot be recovered.


  • Power – high powered shots that fire straight ahead. The shield surrounds your ship in explosions that vaporize bullets and damage enemies.
  • Attraction – weak, rapid fire shots that home in on enemies. The shield draws in enemy fire and regenerates health with each shot absorbed.
  • Repulsion – fires three shots that spread apart. Hit an enemy with all three shots to deal heavy damage. The shield reflects bullets back at the enemies, turning their own shots against them.


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