Agetec DSi Releases

Agetec DSi Releases

Digital ReleasesNintendo DSi
2010 - 2012
DelistingLikely May 2018 (NA)
Unknown, Various (JP)
PublisherAgetec (EU, NA)
Various (EU, JP)
Available OnSome releases available on retail, see table below for digital availability
LinksAgetec Wikipedia page


Agetec’s digital DSi releases were delisted in North America between February of 2017 and April of 2019. The titles were still available as of our recording in 2017 and delisted by our next capture in 2019. Agetec’s Nintendo 3DS releases were delisted in North America in May of 2018 and it seems likely that their DSi releases were also removed around this time.

Several of these titles were handled by different publishers in Japan and have also been delisted, although dates have been hard to identify. Meanwhile, all of the titles published across Europe by Agetec remain available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop as of January 20th, 2021. It is likely that the cause for these North American delistings is Agetec’s standing as a Nintendo of America publisher. The company has been dormant since 2016 and likely did not meet the requirements to keep their titles online across North America. These rules apparently differ across Europe.

The table below contains the affected titles, denotes their territorial releases, and their availability as of this writing. Each title links to its GameFAQs page where you can find specific release dates. An asterisk indicates an Extinct title that is no longer available anywhere.

TitleDigital ReleaseAvailability
Paul's Shooting Adventure*XX
Go Fetch!*XX
Kung Fu DragonXXXY
Paul's Monster Adventure*XX
Treasure Hunter XXXXYY
Rabi LabyXXXY
Zimo: Mahjong FanaticXXY
Roller AngelsXX
Go Fetch! 2XXY
Magical Whip: Wizards of Phantasmal ForestXXXY
Break TacticsXXXY
Quick Fill QXXXYY
Paul's Shooting Adventure 2*XX
Rabi Laby 2XXXY

About Agetec

Agetec Inc. (“ASCII Game Entertainment Technology”) was an American video game publishing company that is best known for bringing Japanese titles to the United States. The company was formed through ASCII Corporation spinning off their American distribution subsidiary as an independent corporation in 1998, and later bought by Universal Interactive one year later. As of May 2018, many of the Agetec games that were formatted for the Nintendo ports were delisted or removed from the Nintendo eShop in North America. -Wikipedia page

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