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Nearly Extinct, Armillo is now on Steam and free for a limited time

Developer Fuzzy Wuzzy Games announced on July 3rd that their Nintendo Wii U exclusive title, Armillo, is back from the brink of extinction and available on Steam. To help people cope with the trying times we find ourselves living through, they’ve even made it free for a limited time.

“Armillo for the PC is finally released here on Steam. And for a limited time, the full game is completely FREE! No iAP, DLC, nor any ads. It’s been a rough 2020, and thought this is a good way to help. Please enjoy the game!

Quick update: We just found out that the game is set to free to play and not free to own, so we’ve contacted Steam to help fix this. Sorry about this inconvenience as we really intended for people to own the game for free.”

Not only was the game originally a Wii U exclusive, it was delisted in North America in 2019. This new release brings the game to a much wider audience who was unable to buy it for the last year-and-a-half. Hopefully the free-to-play thing gets sorted out quickly but either way you can give Armillo a shot for yourself, for free, right now. Thanks to HandMaskTar for pointing out the new release.

Shadows of the Damned delisted, Suda hints at future

Did Suda51 hint at Shadows of the Damned’s delisting with a moment in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes? While he definitely sets up a return to the game’s universe — with Garcia Hotspur’s apparent dying breath he frees his demon sidekick, Johnson, turning him into the shackled hero, Eight Hearts — the cutscene and ensuing dialog with Travis Touchdown point to something much bigger than the original game.

Now that developer Grasshopper Manufacture’s decade-long publishing deal with Electronic Arts has ended, it’s possible that the original Shadows of the Damned will see an updated re-release ahead of an eventual sequel. It’s a tantalizing teaser for fans of the cult classic but for our purposes the real news is that the original game is no longer available to buy digitally. 

The Xbox 360 version of Shadows of the Damned, which was also backward compatible on Xbox One, has very recently been delisted. It was just included in a “Shocktober in Summer” promotion on Xbox.com but the game had already been removed from sale before the promo ended on June 30th. Currently, it’s only available to play on Xbox One through The Vault on EA’s subscription service, EA Access, but it may be removed there in time. 

Fortunately, the game did get a retail release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 but prices have been on the rise and the number of copies out there seems low. I’m not expecting a re-listing on this one as there’s too much work involved to bring only a single version of the game back online. A remaster seems fairly likely at this point, with the work on a new 3D engine and hi-res assets leading into development of a sequel.

I’ll have a page up on the site soon for the original Xbox 360/Xbox One edition. Thanks to @OldMario for pointing out the news.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition mysteriously REelisted on PlayStation 4

UPDATE 06/30/20: After approximately one week, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition returned to sale on PlayStation 4 today in all affected regions. It’s unclear if any of the licensed content we mentioned previously has been altered, but the game is once again available. We made a quick check on PC and Xbox, and the game remains available on those platforms as well.

PSNProfiles forum members noticed last week that Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, the 2014 repackaging of the previous year’s Tomb Raider reboot, had disappeared from the PlayStation Store. Digging into it this weekend, here’s a quick recap of where this peculiar situation stands.

So far, only the PlayStation 4 versions of the game have been delisted, and it’s only been removed from Western regions (Australia, Europe, North America). It is currently only available on PlayStation 4 in Asian territories including Hong Kong and Japan but it’s still out there worldwide on Xbox One. Equally odd is that neither the original PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 versions have gone away.

So what gives? The best I can figure is that the Definitive Edition releases included some extra content that may have had separate licensing terms. From Square’s own product description, that includes the “digital versions of the Dark Horse comic, Brady Games mini-art book and the Final Hours developer videos (from Geoff Keighley and Spike TV)”.

It’s possible we’re in the middle of a rolling delisting and that the Xbox One versions as well as the Asian releases on PlayStation 4 will disappear once their regional content teams get up to speed. However, it’s also possible that Square Enix is working to restore the Definitive Editions with a renewed license from all parties involved. Ironically, it’s equally possible they’ll come back without the bonus content, making them decidedly less definitive packages.

I’ll keep checking the store pages this coming week to see if anything changes and get the game on the site after that. Thanks to @Dinahfan1Luid77 for linking to PSNProfiles’ discussion and pointing out this curious situation.

The 'Tales of Monkey Island' can be told again, Relisted on Steam and GOG.com

There’s not a lot to say here besides, hey, Tales of Monkey Island is back on sale!  The game returned to Steam on June 25th and on GOG.com right around the same time. Like other Telltale Games titles that have recently returned, Monkey Island is now published by Athlon Games with the developer listed as LCG Entertainment.

On Steam, the game is now only available as a package which includes all five episodes that were originally sold separately back in 2009. The same is true for GOG.com but I don’t think it was ever released episodically on the good ol’ games service. Sorry console fans, I wouldn’t hold out hope for the game returning on PlayStation 3.

The game’s page on the site has been updated to reflect the relisting.

More help finding your favorite Xbox GamerPics

I get a lot of comments on my original Xbox 360 GamerPics tour video from 2018. The tiny avatar icons have somewhat fallen out of favor on the newer consoles but the love for these pics is clearly still strong. Usually someone will say “hey, at 0:19 what’s the one in the third row?” and I’ll try my best to remember where this tabby cat in a red bowtie came from. Typically, I’m a little stumped. I used to download anything that said “Free” on it whether I liked the imagery or not, so there are plenty I can’t put a name to.

Fortunately there’s a newer site I just found that’s proving to be a great help in identifying my GamerPics: https://www.gamer-pics.wrecord.com. I’m not sure who is running the site but according to their stats you can currently find 23,587 GamerPics pulled from 1.2 million player profiles. You can sign into the site with your own Xbox account but I’m a bit wary of it myself.

To show off the site and how you can browse that collection of pics I recorded a new video that you can watch above. If you still can’t pinpoint a specific pic on your own just comment and I’ll see if I can help. Thanks for checking it out.