4 Travellers – Play Spanish

4 Travellers – Play Spanish

Digital Release:Nintendo DS
March 08, 2010 (US)
March 12, 2010 (EU)
Delisting:Between January 2018 and April 2020
Developer:AGENIUS Interactive
Publisher:AGENIUS Interactive
Available On:Nintendo 3DS eShop (EU)
Links:Nintendo.com page [Archive]


4 Travellers – Play French and 4 Travellers – Play Spanish were initially delisted from the Nintendo DSi Shop on March 31st, 2017 when the marketplace was shut down. The titles remained available on the 3DS eShop in North America for some time but appear to have been removed after January of 2018. Their disappearance was next pointed out to the site in April of 2020. Peculiarly, both titles remain available in Europe but can only be found in the eShop directly on a Nintendo 3DS.

As the games were developed and published by AGENIUS in both territories, the delisting seems to be specific to Nintendo of America. Perhaps related to publisher licensing or a “closeout” of titles available on the 3DS eShop.

About the Game

4 TRAVELLERS can be played alone or together with friends and at the same time teach you new words in Spanish. The game is suitable for both young and old, and no previous knowledge is necessary. The more you play the more your Spanish vocabulary increases. You can also play and learn with the mini-games’ unique learning mode. The game is perfect to bring on your trip, and over 240 carefully selected words are included specifically for this occasion.

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