Get Your Xbox 360 Games Back from a PC

Check out the video above for a visual walkthrough. Continue reading to find
your Xbox 360 games on a PC or click to find your games from on an Xbox 360.


Find Your Games on a PC


Sign in to your Microsoft Account

Click to go to You should first be prompted to log in to your Microsoft account. NOTE: If your browser identifies you are in another country the URL should automatically update to your region.



The Purchase History page

Once logged in you should see the Purchase History page. You can click any of the categories at left to narrow down the selections. As you scroll, the page should auto-refresh with more entries.

Click ‘Add to Queue‘ to the right of the desired selection. The item should soon begin downloading to your Xbox 360. Click the green ‘Xbox 360 Download Queue‘ button at top to view and delete items in the queue.



Unfortunately, some games and apps have been completely removed, even from re-downloading.



You may see items without the ‘Add to Queue’ link or when clicking the link you may receive the message above in orange.


This page was last updated May 20th, 2017