Get Your Nintendo Wii Games Back

Check out the video above for a visual walkthrough or continue reading.


Find Your Games on a Nintendo Wii

NOTE: Purchases made from a Nintendo Wii cannot be browsed or queued for download from Nintendo has also updated all WiiWare pages on and removed the pricing. The only way to verify a game is available or to redownload it is from a Wii console (or the Wii Menu on Wii U).

From the main menu of the Wii click on the Wii Shop Channel and select Start.


After loading the Wii Shop Channel, click Start Shopping.


Click Titles You’ve Downloaded.


You can scroll and navigate multiple pages of previous downloads here. Items labeled as Downloaded are already installed on the Wii’s internal memory. Items labeled as Downloadable may be downloaded again, either to the internal memory or an SD card. Select the desired item.


Click Download.


Select the download location (if an SD card is present).


Confirm there are enough free blocks available to download the item, click Yes.


After the download process, click OK and then return to the Wii Menu.


Your newly downloaded item will be on the Wii Menu, ready to launch.


The above section was last updated May 20th, 2017