Naraka: Bladepoint shutting down on Xbox One on August 28th

Naraka: Bladepoint shutting down on Xbox One on August 28th

24 Entertainment and NetEase announced last week that they will be retiring the beleaguered Xbox One version of Naraka: Bladepoint at the end of August. New users can still sign up for the Xbox One version until the shutdown on August 28th but they won’t be eligible for the transition gifts mentioned for pre-existing players. In-game purchases on Xbox One will also remain open until July 24th.

We regret to inform you that as of August 28, 23:00 (UTC), NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will no longer be supported on Xbox One. Players will no longer be able to play the game on the Xbox One after this date. We have had to make this difficult decision due to the technical limitations of the platform’s hardware.

We continuously update NARAKA with new content to keep the game fresh and exciting for players. This content, including things like new maps and new events, can no longer be run properly on the Xbox One. In light of these technical limitations, continuing to push these kinds of updates on the console would only result in a subpar gaming experience, something that we do not want for any of the members of the NARAKA community.

Players on Xbox One can still access the game through their Xbox accounts by playing the game and accessing their NARAKA account through the Xbox Series X/S or the Xbox App on Windows PCs (Xbox on PC). All account progress made on Xbox Ones will be saved and available once you log in on either an Xbox Series X/S or Xbox on PC.

In recognition of the disruption and inconvenience this brings to players, we will be providing transition gifts to all Xbox One players who transition over to the Xbox Series X/S or continue to play through Xbox on PC. More details about the gifts can be found below [image in the original post]

After the closure of Xbox One on August 28, Xbox One Players who transition over to the Xbox Series X/S or Xbox on PC will have until October 30, 23:00 (UTC) to claim their gifts via in-game mail.

We appreciate your support for NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, and we will continue striving to improve NARAKA and deliver an enjoyable gaming experience.

Naraka Announcement – June 25, 2024

Naraka: Bladepoint remains available on Steam, the Epic Games Store, on PC direct from NetEase, on Xbox Series X|S, and on PlayStation 5. Thanks to Coboney for pointing out the news, we’ve added the date to the Watch List calendar.