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Simply spreading the word about Delisted Games is a huge help. Here are some ways you can help the site while keeping up with our latest content:

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Contribute to the Site

If you know of a delisted game that we’re missing or if you have more info on why it was delisted (this is the hardest stuff to find!), use this form to submit it to the site.

A couple of notes: You can view all reader submissions here so you don’t waste your time submitting a game we’ve already got. I try to get these posted as quickly as possible but it takes time to do additional research, collect the data, and build the page. I’ll flag each game that is scheduled to post and remove each submission once the game page is live on the site. More details on the submission form.

Thank You!

No matter what you have to offer – a follow, a Like, a donation, or submission – I can’t say thank you enough. In return I hope the site helps you find something for yourself, even if it is simply closure on a game you can’t play anymore.