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Get Your PlayStation Games Back

Check out the video above for a visual walkthrough or continue reading to find out how to get your games back across all PlayStation platforms from the web: that’s PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4!

Alternatively, you can use the PSDLE extension to more easily search your purchase history on a PC using Firefox or Chrome browsers.

Click to go to If not already logged in, click Sign In at the top right to log into the desired PlayStation Network account.

NOTE: If your browser identifies you are in another country the URL should automatically update to your region.

Once logged in hover over your username and click on Download List.

The Download List allows you to navigate back through everything you’ve downloaded across PlayStation platforms. This makes for a very long list so it may take a lot of clicking the ‘next page’ arrows to find what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, there is no way to sort by platform here.

For items that can be downloaded to multiple platforms you may see a ‘Download…’ button. Clicking it allows you to choose all platforms or a single one.

NOTE: Clicking the title or icon for any item will attempt to navigate to its PlayStation Store page. Some delisted items may direct to an “Unable to find” error page.

Once you’ve clicked to download an item it will be added to the Download Queue at the top of the page. The Download Queue has separate tabs to view queued items for each platform.

Depending on your console settings, downloads queued from the website may begin immediately or may wait until your scheduled Automatic Downloads window.

This page was last updated May 27, 2019