Get Your Nintendo 3DS Games Back

Although the 3DS was succeeded by the Nintendo Switch in 2017, the company continues to support the eShop on the 3DS as well as the ability to redownload previous purchases and content. This includes DSi games and apps that have previously been transferred to a Nintendo 3DS. Below are the steps to find and redownload your content on a Nintendo 3DS. Scroll to the bottom of the page for steps to redownload your DSi content.

Tap the ‘Nintendo eShop’ icon on your 3DS home screen.

Tap the Menu button at the top left

Scroll down the list and tap on ‘Settings / Other’

Scroll down the list and tap on ‘Redownloadable Software’

Tap the ‘Redownload’ button on the desired selection

Tap the ‘Download’ button to confirm.
Then Tap ‘Download Now’ to start the download immediately or tap ‘Down Later’ to have the title downloaded when your 3DS enters Sleep Mode.

Once the download is completed you can “open” it on your 3DS home screen.
Now you can repeat the process to download more of your previously purchased content.

Redownload Your DSi Content

To redownload your DSi content you will first need to have completed Nintendo’s 3DS transfer process. To find your redownloadable DSi content follow Steps 1 through 4 above.

At the bottom of the screen tap the ‘Your Downloads’ button. This will display a list that contains other 3DS content as well as any DSiWare games and apps associated with your Nintendo account. Continue from Step 6 above to complete your downloads.

This page was last updated November 12th, 2020