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Saturnine Games elects to pull titles from 3DS and Wii U

Saturnine Games, a small team that’s offered a handful of downloadable titles since 2010, announced on September 17th that all of their 3DS and Wii U eShop releases would soon be removed from sale. The full post from the team with all the details follows:

“All games from Saturnine Games are going to be removed from the Nintendo eShop for both the 3DS and Wii U platforms.

In the Americas, Turtle Tale, Antipole, and Cosmos X2 will be removed from the Shop on September 29. In Europe, the games will remain available through September 30th. In both regions, Turtle Tale will be on sale for 33% off from September 20th until it’s removal.

In Japan, Turtle Tale will be available through October 10th.”

No explanation was given but in reply to the condolences and backlash to the news on Twitter, the team offered that “there are many issues involved in our decisions. We have no interest in discussing any more of it in public than is necessary.”

Among those reasons could be dissatisfaction with Nintendo’s approval or support processes. Or perhaps Saturnine Games is no longer able to meet Nintendo’s criteria as a developer or publisher as they haven’t released a title since 2014. There are plenty of reasons to guess at but sadly Saturnine isn’t coming forward with any more info just yet.

For now take note of the deadline in your territory or keep an eye on the Watch List calendar. I’ll have each game added to the site soon.

Source: NintendoEverything and an anonymous submission to the site

It was a mystery at the end of August as to why Square Enix would delist the nearly-decade-old RPG, The Last Remnant from Steam. But just last week the answer became painfully clear with the announcement of a remastered edition coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 on December 6th for $20.

Just days before this news, the game’s Steam Community page was updated, stating that “any plans to restart sale of this are yet to be confirmed” leaving players hoping for an equally polished-up PC version out in the cold, for now. Given the work to remaster the game and its low price point, it seems likely that it will also reappear on Steam, and could possibly come to Xbox One and even the Nintendo Switch in 2019; remastered re-releases are rarely exclusive to a single platform for long.

For now, I’ll update the game’s page on the site and report back if-and-when a release is announced for more platforms.

Delisted Games Community Recap: Summer 2018

I’m back with another public service announcement, this time as a recap of what’s been going on in the official Delisted Games forums. Honestly, it’s been a lot of me talking to myself but I’m hoping that will change soon. Over the last few months I’ve been sharing research tools and delisting-adjacent links that I didn’t have time to turn into frontpage-worthy posts. Here’s a quick recap of the latest threads and the kinds of links you might’ve missed:

All that and I’m still loading up this sub-forum with dedicated pages for each game on the site so we can reminisce and discuss in a format that’s a little more enduring than a tweet storm. It’s simple enough to sign up and I’m not gathering any marketable data or anything like that. So come join up and hang out, or at least pop in from time to time, you never know what’s going to show up over there.

THQ acquisition means Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning will likely be delisted

Here’s a little good news/bad news situation for fans of 38 Studios’ 2012 action/RPG Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. THQ Nordic announced on September 6th that it had acquired the entire Kingdoms of Amalur IP, including the unrealized MMORPG, that went by the name of Copernicus. So the good news is that we’ll eventually get to explore new chapters in the Amalur story.

The bad news is that Reckoning, the only entry in the series so far, is probably going to be delisted within the next year or two. The game was originally published by Electronic Arts and with the entire IP now changing hands it’ll only be a matter of time before their license expires. But, as THQ Nordic has recently done with other properties like Saints Row, Darksiders, and Red Faction, a “remastered” re-release of Reckoning is almost assuredly on its way.

In as little as 6-8 months THQ will likely have announced, if not released, a “Re-Reckoning Edition” and the existing versions will be removed from sale. It’s not a huge loss as I fully expect the game to still be available in one form or another, but for anyone interested in the existing versions, you can still download it on Steam, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. And it’ll always be out there at retail no matter how THQ treats the IP going forward.

For the time being I’m going to add a tentative delisting date to the Watch List calendar for Reckoning around Summer 2019. I’ll update accordingly once THQ Nordic has released more concrete details.

Carbine Studios, and their MMO WildStar, will soon be shut down

Confirmation came by way of Kotaku yesterday that Carbine Studios and their most recent release, the 2014 MMORPG WildStar, are both being shut down. According to Kotaku’s source who was “briefed on the shutdown”, 50 staff members will soon be let go and a small team will manage the game until it is retired.

“Today, we are closing Carbine Studios and will begin the process of winding WildStar down to ultimately shutter the game,” publisher NCSoft told Kotaku. “WildStar players who have spent money within the game will be refunded purchases from July 1, 2018 until the payment system is shut off. We are also in the process of identifying the teams that will be doing the work to bring WildStar to a close. These decisions are very difficult to make and we are in the midst of shifting as many of our teammates as possible into other roles within the organization.”

WildStar went free-to-play in 2015 and is currently still available from NCSoft and on Steam, if anyone is looking to check it out before it’s gone. Until concrete details arrive I’m going to add the game to the Watch List calendar for a tentative December 31st deadline. I’ll update once NCSoft and Carbine release more info.