Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge

Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge

Digital Release:Xbox 360
July 06, 2010 (US)
Delisting:Early January 2018 - Xbox 360
Developer:Coldwood Interactive
Publisher:Valcon Games
Available On:Retail:
Nintendo Wii
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
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Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge was most likely delisted in the first week of January 2018. posted a delisting roundup on January 9th featuring nine titles from publisher Valcon Games. As of August 2019 each title remains available to download on Steam, PlayStation 3, or both (as well as on physical media for various platforms). 

Valcon has been dormant since late 2011 when they released their last three titles, though it is uncertain if they have completely ceased operations. While the delistings here are Xbox exclusive, it may simply be that Valcon’s publisher license through Microsoft expired before their license with Sony. The titles that remain available on PlayStation 3 will likely be delisted at some point. On Steam, each title has a unique publisher.

About the Game

Take to the snow with the most comprehensive and exciting Snowmobile game ever made. Compete in adrenaline filled snow cross races, extreme hill climbs, and gravity defying stunt challenges as you try to win it all. Featuring 20 fully authentic Ski-doo snowmobiles presented in HD for the first time along with accessories and clothing from the full Ski-Doo range.

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