Jeopardy! (2008)

Jeopardy! (2008)

Digital ReleasePlayStation 3
September 11, 2008 (NA)
DelistingNo later than March 25, 2011
DeveloperSony Online Entertainment / Daybreak Game Company
PublisherSony Online Entertainment / Daybreak Game Company
Available OnNone
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Jeopardy for PlayStation 3 was delisted no later than March 25, 2011, when forum posts on NeoGAF began to question the game’s availability.

The game was most likely delisted due to expired licensing from Sony Pictures who holds the rights to the show and property. THQ began releasing their own licensed versions of the game in 2010, bringing it to the PlayStation and Xbox digital stores in 2012. This conflict alongside SOE’s original version may have also contributed to the game’s delisting.

About the Game

Control the board and buzz your way to the top as JEOPARDY!® comes to a PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system near you! Show off your lightning fast skills – be the first to buzz in with the correct response and you’re in the money! Respond incorrectly and your virtual bank will take a hit. Experience the newly enhanced version of America’s Favorite Quiz Show®!

JEOPARDY! now features:

  • Over 2,500 clues from the producers of the T.V. show
  • Photorealistic 3D set and T.V. style camera shots
  • HD quality motion graphics for a broadcast look and feel
  • Single or network/multiplayer mode
  • Awards to track your rankings
  • Character customization and emotes