Akimi Village

Akimi Village

akimivillageDigital ReleasePlayStation 3
June 15, 2011 (NA)
June 22, 2011 (EU)
July 28, 2011 (KO)
DelistingJuly 2015
PublisherSony Online Entertainment/Daybreak Game Company
Available OnNone
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Akimi Village on PlayStation 3 was delisted no later than July 7, 2015, and is one of many delisted titles from the publisher formerly known as Sony Online Entertainment. On July 7th, NinjaBee posted on their Facebook and Twitter page that Akimi Village was removed from the store without SOE notifying them. NinjaBee staff initially commented on a now removed NinjaBee forum post that they would work with Sony to try and bring the game back, but their tone has since shifted to one of silent resignation.

The Dawning of Daybreak
It was confirmed on February 2nd, 2015 that Sony had sold its internal development studio, Sony Online Entertainment, to the investment firm Columbus Nova. The studio was renamed Daybreak Game Company and their focus shifted entirely to multiplayer online games.

This means that effective immediately SOE will operate as an independent game development studio where we will continue to focus on creating exceptional online games for players around the world, and now as a multi-platform gaming company,” said SOE/Daybreak President John Smedley.

By February 11th Columbus Nova had laid off an unconfirmed number of Daybreak employees in a move to “rationalize the business” including EverQuest lead, David Georgeson. In July, John Smedley stepped down as President amid personal attacks by the hacker group Lizard Squad and had resigned from the company by August 24th, 2015.

Daybreak Delistings
With the change in corporate identity from SOE to Daybreak the licensing deals on existing games would need to be renewed or renegotiated. Between their focus on online games and the decrease in staff and budget it is assumed that Daybreak let many of these licenses expire. After the acquisition in February of 2015 the following SOE published titles were delisted:

The following titles were delisted within the year preceding the sale of Sony Online Entertainment and may have been the first victims of the impending acquisition even before it was finalized:

About the Game

Get swept away to a mysterious, floating island in the sky in Akimi Village, a city-building game from NinjaBee! Help the tiny Akimi build their village and spread light to free their island from the grip of the Gloom’s thick shadow. Put the cheerful villagers to work harvesting and refining resources. Unlock blueprints and piece together dozens of unique buildings! Purify the island, defeat the Gloom and build a beautiful living city!

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