Delisted Games 2019 Site Recap

Yeah, umm, wow. Every year I say that the site has grown by orders of magnitude but in 2019 we saw more visitors and traffic than every year before it combined (and then some)! While I’ll take a little bit of credit for the typical growth, the real boosts came from Babylonian, Fragments of Silicon, Pixel Little Mad, and of course Jim Sterling, who each featured the site in their content throughout 2019.

I’d also like to thank everyone who mentioned the site on Twitter and Facebook, pointing us out to their own friends and followers. From pundits to podcasters and everywhere in between, the more people that are made aware of delistings brings us closer to some long overdue changes! That increase in exposure led to an increase in submissions as well. So many in fact that I’m still trying to catch up, but it’s one of those “good problem” situations. 

Without further ado, here are some of the usual stats and figures to round up the year:

  • An astounding 309 new game pages were added to the site in 2019!
  • By December 31st that brought the total up to 855 delisted games on the site
  • The site welcomed 116,488 visitors who viewed our pages over 408,000 times!
  • No wonder I was overwhelmed, you awesome folks submitted over 240 games to the site in 2019 alone!

The Most Beloved Games of 2019

No big surprises here, everyone still loves and misses Scott Pilgrim. It was far and away the most viewed game page on the site. The movie turns 10 in 2020, so maybe it’s finally time for a revival! Here’s the Top Five game pages for 2019:

My IRL job took quite a turn late in the year and things got hectic, to put it lightly. I’m not sure how 2020 will fare with wild bouts of upheaval already looming on the horizon. But I hope to keep adding new games to the site on an every-other-day basis like I did through most of the year.

Thanks again for all the visits, views, submissions, and discussions in 2019!