Hunter’s Arena: Legends shutting down “soon” on Steam and PlayStation [UPDATE: Gone on Steam, PS shutdown window]

Hunter’s Arena: Legends shutting down “soon” on Steam and PlayStation [UPDATE: Gone on Steam, PS shutdown window]

[UPDATE: 04/24/24] Despite promising to announce the date ahead of time, Mantisco delisted the Steam version of Hunter’s Arena: Legends last week on April 15th without notice. Shortly after, site reader and Legends player Needles078, found that the game’s website contained an updated announcement similar to the one below but with a slightly more detailed window for the PlayStation shutdown:

PS service will come to an end in 6 months. However, the server may not be smooth during that period due to lack of people. Item purchases will become unavailable in 3 months.

That puts the last date to make in-game purchases around mid-July with the complete service shutdown in mid-October if Mantisco’s word holds true. Looking for more confirmation (which I didn’t find) on the game’s Discord server, it appears that many players have been experiencing matchmaking issues for several weeks if not months.

Our original post from April 4th continues below.

Developer and publisher Mantisco announced on the game’s Discord server back on March 28th that Hunter’s Arena: Legend will be shutting down “soon”. A similar announcement was then posted on the game’s Steam Store page on Monday and it’s safe to assume that the shutdown will extend to the PlayStation 4/5 release as well.

Since its launch on Steam on July of 2020 and 2021 on PlayStation, many hunters from around the world have loved and enjoyed Hunter’s Arena: Legends. Unfortunately, the end has come to the journey of Hunter’s Arena: Legends. Although our hearts are heavy, we know that the hearts of all the hunters who have been on the journey with us will be far heavier. Hunter’s Arena: Legends is scheduled to officially end service soon. (Exact date and time will be announced at a later date) All payments will be closed and there may be some disruptions in the service of the game.

However, this is not the end of the Hunter’s Arena franchise! We are preparing a Hunter’s Arena extraction genre game and look forward to presenting it to you soon. News about the new game and other relevant information will be provided through the following communities below:

Although there were many shortcomings and regrets, we’re truly grateful to everyone who has been with us, showing continued love and support. We hope to see you again in Hunter’s Arena. Once again, thank you for all the love and support for Hunter’s Arena: Legends

Steam Announcement – April 01, 2024

There’s no telling how quickly the game will be shutting down at this point so hopefully it’s at least a few months out for any remaining owners to jump back in. The game remains on sale on both Steam and PlayStation platforms as of this writing. Thanks to the anonymous reader that submitted the news on this one.