Delisted Games 2018 Site Recap

It’s that time of the new year again. Well, ok, it’s a little past time for a 2018 recap but I’ve been busy adding more games to the site, taking a work-sponsored vacation, and continuing to deal with our first house. But enough about me, here’s some year-end figures for the site:

    • We created 256 game pages and news posts in 2018. Umm, wow!

    • By December 31st we had 403 full-featured games on the site. That’s 403 game pages with release data, archival links, descriptions, YouTube videos, and as much backstory as we could dig up!

    • The site welcomed 46,368 visitors and over 130,000 page views in 2018. That’s more than doubled from 2017! Hello New Visitors, I hope you found something useful on the site.

    • Our wonderful readers submitted 65 games to the site. Most of those were titles that I wouldn’t have easily found on my own; you can thank those readers, and all submitters, for the diversity of game pages on the site! Special thanks to T87, GamerFirebird90, and Lorath for their numerous submissions in 2018.


The Most Beloved Games
Despite all those new game pages, some familiar titles continued to be the most viewed in 2018. Take note Ubisoft, Konami, and Electronic Arts, there’s a lot of love here, and a lot of folks who’d like to see these games return! The Top Five game pages for 2018 were:

I was also hoping to have some stats for you on the Community Forums but the only figure worth mentioning is the absurd number of spam accounts I’ve had to delete. Don’t worry, none of that junk makes it onto the site, it’s all held for review. I’d love to see the forums take off in 2019 so if you’re tired of social media vitriol come hide out on our forums and let’s chat about games we can’t play anymore.


2019 Home Improvements
I hope to clean up the ‘Games’ menu in 2019. The lists of “all games” for each platform are getting a little unwieldy while also getting more and more views. I’d also like to clean up the Get Your Games Back pages as Microsoft, for one, made the process a little harder last year. This may result in some quiet periods for new content on the site but rest assured, I’m still whittling away behind the scenes.

Thanks again to everyone who found their way to Delisted Games in 2018!