So, Jim Sterling mentioned us...

Let me tell you about June 24th, 2019. Somewhere around 10am my phone started blowing up with New Follower notifications on Twitter. I assumed another spambot had set its algorithmic sights on the Delisted Games account but a good friend of mine was the one who pointed out the news shortly after.

Delisted Games has received the Jim Sterling “bump” and with only a quick mention in his latest episode of The Jimquisition (Stadia, Subscriptions, And The Death Of Game Ownership) our site views and follower counts went through the roof, and then on up to the stratosphere. As you can probably guess from the title, Jim shed some light on what we’ve been proselytizing here since 2016: just because you bought a game, doesn’t mean you own it in this digital age. As expected, he adds the colorful commentary he’s known for while bringing to bear the fears for our ever-more-digital future.

The aftermath of our little mention has resulted in over 11,000 site views, more than 2,000 new followers on Twitter… and about 10 Likes on Facebook. I’d like to say a warm welcome to anyone that’s just now finding the site and offer a quick tour:

  • The search bar above is customizable to help narrow down what you’re looking for
  • The Games menu above lets you see all delisted and Extinct titles by platform
  • The Watch List offers a rolling feed of news posts and a calendar of upcoming delistings
  • If you find a game we’re missing or want to help spread the word, check out the Support page

There’s even more to the site but I’ll let you all do some exploring. One last thing I’d like to point everyone to is our YouTube channel. The videos are embedded around the site and include archival hands-on tours of several delisted games and apps, as well as trailers and footage.

Thanks again for taking a look at the site!