Roguelite MMO, Mythic, shutting down on Steam on May 1st

Roguelite MMO, Mythic, shutting down on Steam on May 1st

Abyssal Studios announced on Sunday that Mythic, their ambitious MMO roguelite from 2022 will be shutting down permanently on May 1st. The game looks like a familiar 2D, top-down roguelike adventure but it promised “hundreds of people on your screen at any given time” in an “infinite” labyrinth. It’s no surprise that as the game did not take off in popularity, the team’s ability to keep it online has finally been stretched to the breaking point.

We have an important update about the future of Mythic to share with you today. Mythic was a passion project for us from the beginning, and we quit our jobs in 2022 to focus on finishing the game. We were hoping that we would earn enough money from the launch to let us pay rent and keep working on Mythic, and even hire an artist to help with future content.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. We are so grateful to everyone who supported us at launch by buying and playing Mythic. We made enough to just keep the servers on, but not enough to do more beyond that. The Mythic servers have been on since launch, but almost a year and half later, our funds have finally dwindled down to the point where we can no longer afford the server upkeep. So, we have made the very difficult decision to sunset Mythic.

Mythic’s servers will continue running till the end of this month and will be turned off permanently on May 1st. Thank you to everyone for supporting Mythic.

Steam Announcement – April 07, 2024

Mythic remains on sale for $4.99 on Steam at this point but being an always-online title, it won’t be of any use after the end of this month unless Abyssal are able to update it for offline play. No word yet from the team. We’ve added the date to the Watch List calendar and will have a page up on the site later.