7 Days to Die on consoles to be delisted ahead of 1.0 Release

7 Days to Die on consoles to be delisted ahead of 1.0 Release

Alongside the announcement that the decade-old Early Access game, 7 Days to Die, is finally releasing into 1.0 status comes some bad news for players of the existing console versions. Launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One way back in 2016 it’s not a complete surprise to hear that they won’t be receiving the 1.0 update and will soon be removed from sale. The announcement includes an informative FAQ section and below are the points relating to the older Steam alpha and console versions.

Q: Will I still be able to access older alphas of the game?
A: Yes we will continue to support this on Steam as the Steam policies permit. This will not be a feature in other platforms.

Q: What about the old Console version?
A: Due to the significant technical differences between old and current console hardware,  we will not be upgrading the legacy version. Legacy owners will have to buy the new title.  However, we are working closely with Sony and Microsoft to provide a discount to digital legacy owners on their purchase of the new console edition. 

We made the decision early on to focus on a ‘new’ version of the game that is unified with our PC version, and our efforts to update the game post-launch will be entirely focused on that version.

Q: What about the old Console version’s availability?
A: Due to product and branding confusion, we will be delisting the legacy console version from digital storefronts when the new version releases. You will still be able to play your old copy if you own it, but no future purchases of the legacy edition will be possible.

Q: Will I be able to use my old saves on the new version?
A: No. You will, of course, be able to continue to use your old saves on the Legacy version if it is installed, but saves will not carry over as they are not compatible with the numerous new changes.

7 Days to Die Announcement – April 20th, 2024

Developer The Fun Pimps promises more news on the 1.0 release including its Steam and console launch dates later this Summer. For now the Steam version is on a final discount sale through April 29th while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases remain at full price and a big ask for a game that’s about to be abandoned.