Telltale Games returns under new ownership

The Telltale Games saga just won’t stop! After announcing that the studio would be shutting down last September, Skybound Entertainment swooped in to take control of its own The Walking Dead series (which they’ve since relaunched on the Epic Games Store with a definitive edition coming soon). The remaining Telltale titles have slowly been delisted from console and PC storefronts and it looked like only a matter of time until they would all be removed.

Enter LCG Entertainment led by Jamie Ottilie and Brian Waddle, backed by China’s Athlon Games, and with a handful of industry veterans serving as executives. LCG has acquired the Telltale Games name, its original properties including the likes of Puzzle Agent, and some of its existing licenses. The plan is to revisit some of Telltale’s expired properties and explore a new take on episodic adventure games with new titles.

So far it sounds a bit sterile despite some of Ottilie’s more hopeful comments made to Polygon. For now we’ll just focus on what this means for delistings. LCG has so far confirmed that both The Wolf Among Us and Telltale’s Batman series fall under their purview. Both series have remained on sale across the board while the likes of Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Game of Thrones, Guardians of the Galaxy, and others have been delisted.

Judging by Ottilie’s admission about the team’s small size and their reliance on freelance workers, we’re probably looking at several relistings as opposed to all-out remasters for at least a year or two. Until more news comes to light I’ll continue working to add all of the old Telltale’s delisted games to the site.