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Skybound confirms Walking Dead Definitive on-disc content

Skybound confirms Walking Dead Definitive on-disc content

With pre-orders opening up last week for the September 10th release of The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series, we’ve already been asked a few times about what’s on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One discs. Skybound has been talking up the collection for a few months now which will include all 4 Seasons, the 400 Days DLC, and The Walking Dead: Michonne, along with new visuals, a comic-inspired Black & White option, and over 10 hours of behind-the-scenes content.

That’s a fantastic anthology, but what’s inside the box? You may remember that the original versions from Telltale saw several retail releases, many of which only contained a single episode and simply added the season to your download history. That means that if you go out today and pick up any of the existing games on disc you’re more than likely going to be disappointed… and missing out on most of the story.

So I reached out yesterday to Skybound in hopes of getting clarification and I’ve got good news to report! According to the rep I spoke with all of that content will be on the disc making the Telltale Definitive Series quite literally that; the most definitive way to make sure you can play the entire series for years and years to come.

You can pre-order the physical console editions through Amazon, GameStop, GAME, or direct from Skybound now. And if you’re ok with the digital releases you can pre-order them from any console marketplace, the Epic Game Store, or the Microsoft Store. One note on the Nintendo Switch: there won’t be a physical release or a Definitive bundle but updated versions of seasons 2 and 3 with extra content will launch on the eShop to accompany what’s already there.