Tetracosm leaves Steam on March 1st

Developer and publisher Neolark announced on Tuesday that their sole release, Tetracosm will be leaving Steam in just a few weeks on March 1st. Letting everybody know that Tetracosm’s retiring from Steam on March 1. Just can’t really feasibly keep it going. It sounds like current Tetracosm owners will still be able to download and

Aeronautica Imperialis: Flight Command leaves Steam “shortly” [UPDATE: It’s Gone]

[UPDATE 02/10/23] The game was delisted on the afternoon of February 9th, shortly after our original post went up. Binary Planets and Green Man Publishing announced yesterday that Aeronautica Imperialis: Flight Command, based on the Warhammer 40K tabletop games, will be removed from sale on Steam… shortly. It’s been a long flight for Aeronautica Imperialis