GOG brings Alpha Protocol back to life after 2019 delisting

GOG brings Alpha Protocol back to life after 2019 delisting

GOG.com announcements typically appear here on the site because their community team has announced another upcoming delisting for the platform. So it’s a nice surprise to be reporting today that GOG is bringing one of those delisted games back to the market. That game is Alpha Protocol, the much-loved and also much-maligned “espionage RPG” originally released in 2010 from developer Obsidian Entertainment and publisher Sega. 

When we started our journey 15 years ago, one of our most important goals was to do our best to preserve games and make them last forever. Allowing video games history, once-loved gems, to be lost in time, is something we cannot just stand and watch – we fight, for current and future generations to be able to enjoy games; all games, not just the newest, popular releases. Today, we stand proudly by our mission, and we’re extremely happy to announce the re-release of a cherished classic that, thanks to our efforts, has been successfully archived in the GOG catalog, to enjoy anew.

GOG.com Announcement – March 20, 2024

The re-release isn’t bringing the typical 4K resolutions and retouched textures of recent HD Remakes and HD Updates but it is adding a handful of compatibility features that should make the game that much more approachable: Modern controller support, new localized languages, updates to run on modern operating systems, cloud save support, and GOG Galaxy Achievements. Most notably, it’s bringing back the licensed song that caused the game’s delisting back in 2019, Autograph’s ‘Turn up the Radio‘.

After the near two-year process of getting the game ready for release GOG has also requisitioned the help of YouTuber Raycevick for a video titled ‘Making a Game Last Forever‘ which details the industry’s current problems with preservation through the lens of Alpha Protocol. It’s a good watch with a few insights from Alpha Protocol’s developers spread throughout.