Alien Carnage

Alien Carnage

aliencarnageDigital Release:Steam
May 5, 2015
Delistings:December 31, 2015
Developer:3D Realms
Publisher:Apogee Software
Available From:3D Realms
Links:3D Realms page
SteamDB page
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Alien Carnage was delisted from Steam on December 31st, 2015. It is currently available to download for free from 3D Realms.

After removing the 3D Realms Anthology from sale on December 31st, 2015 due to the Duke Nukem property rights, most of the 32 included titles were offered individually on Steam. However, several of these titles were previously released to the public as freeware and 3D Realms chose not to reissue them in any form on Steam. As of July 2017, Stargunner is the only game from the 3D Realms Anthology that is available for free on Steam.

The five titles below were included in the 3D Realms Anthology. Their individual Steam pages were made public on May 5th, 2015 and remain accessible but with no option to buy or download as of July 2017.

For more on the 3D Realms Anthology delisting visit the game page here.


About the Game

Earth is on the verge of a takeover by aliens intent on turning humans into mindless slave zombies, who can be used in their conquest of the universe. Harry’s called into action to Space Station Liberty and given orders to penetrate the alien ship which has burrowed itself under a high-rise city.

In addition to the flamethrower, Harry can use weapon dispensers, giving him access to weapons like the photon cannon, guided missiles, grenades, shields, micro nukes, and the very powerful Omega bomb. It’s an arsenal that will have the aliens shakin’ in their slimy shoes.


  • Kill in Color: Incredible VGA graphics and animation with 256 colors and over a dozen cinematic sequences.
  • Game Over, Man: Huge “boss” aliens in each of the four missions.
  • Page Turner: A compelling and sometimes-comical narrative prior to every mission.
  • Area 51: Many secrets and bonuses to discover – lots of replay value.
  • Save Your Game: Games saves, cheat mode, three skill levels and more.
  • Controller Support: Partial Xbox 360 Controller support.


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