Thunder Wolves [RELISTED]

Thunder Wolves [RELISTED]

thunderwolvesDigital ReleaseSteam
May 15, 2013

Xbox 360
June 12, 2013 (EU, US)

PlayStation 3
June 19, 2013 (EU)
August 13, 2013 (US)

September 05, 2013
DelistingOctober 2016 - Desura
Jul - Nov 2017 - PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
RelistingJanuary 2018 - Xbox 360
DeveloperMost Wanted Entertainment
Available OnSteam
Xbox 360 (EU, US)
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Thunder Wolves was relisted on Xbox 360 in January of 2018 according to reporting from As of this writing, it has not yet returned to sale on PlayStation 3. The original delisting information follows.


Thunder Wolves was last confirmed available on Xbox 360 on July 25, 2017 and was delisted some time between that date and November 20, 2017. The PlayStation 3 version of the game was likely delisted within this same timeframe. In August of 2015 the game’s Steam listing changed publishers from bitComposer to Nordic Games and eventually to THQ Nordic. The game remains available on Steam but has not reappeared on consoles as of December 2017.

In Fall 2014, bitComposer Entertainment AG filed for insolvency protection after missing several game releases which put their financial standing in jeopardy. The company was dissolved in January 2015 but relaunched shortly after as bitComposer Interactive GmbH with new management and investors. According to bitComposer’s homepage several “major assets” and “name rights” were lost over the course of these events resulting in several delistings. Many of these titles have reappeared with new publishers but not on all of the original release platforms. See the list of titles published by bitComposer for more details.

About the Game

The world is in danger! Diabolical terrorists are planning total destruction and absolute chaos. However, their plans fail to account for the Thunder Wolves, elite helicopter pilots who fight evil and defend law and order. Join the Thunder Wolves now—put yourself in the pilot’s seat, and get your helicopter airborne! Are you ready for explosive non-stop action? Then let’s go!

Download the demo-version now! Be brave, jump into the action, and play three different action packed missions!


  • 9 different helicopters and a large arsenal of different weapons!
  • 13 action packed missions in 4 different regions of the world!
  • Masses of enemies, diverse mission objectives, and spectacular boss battles!
  • Fly together with a friend as pilot and gunner in local co-op mode!

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