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System Siege leaving Steam soon [UPDATE: It’s Gone]

System Siege leaving Steam soon [UPDATE: It’s Gone]

[UPDATE 03/14/21] System Siege was delisted yesterday on the 13th. I’ve added a page on the site for it.

System Siege looked to be a hopeful successor to the Advance Wars style of turn-based combat in 2018, but after a few years in the Early Access cycle 56 Game Studios has announced that it will be removed from sale soon.

Hey everyone, we’ve had to make the tough call recently to stop all development on the game. We haven’t been actively developing it in almost a year now, and so had to make the call one way or the other, and unfortunately for where we are right now, this seems to be the right move.

Because of this, we’ll be delisting the game on steam in a couple weeks. Thank you to all our fans and followers who supported us through the development. We may return to it at some point in the future, but not any time soon.

For the time being you can still grab System Siege for $4.99 although it doesn’t look like much content was ever added beyond the initial release. The first, and only, dev update in 2018 promised more content but it doesn’t appear any major updates ever took place. I’ve added a reminder to the Watch List calendar to check in on February 18th. Thanks again to @Linoano for pointing out the news.