System Siege

System Siege

Digital ReleaseSteam
June 12, 2018
DelistingMarch 13, 2021
Developer56 Game Studios
Publisher56 Game Studios
Available OnNone
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56 Game Studios announced on February 3rd, 2021 that System Siege would be removed from sale “in a couple weeks”. It was finally delisted from Steam on March 13th, 2021. 56‘s announcement follows:

Hey everyone, we’ve had to make the tough call recently to stop all development on the game. We haven’t been actively developing it in almost a year now, and so had to make the call one way or the other, and unfortunately for where we are right now, this seems to be the right move.

Because of this, we’ll be delisting the game on steam in a couple weeks. Thank you to all our fans and followers who supported us through the development. We may return to it at some point in the future, but not any time soon.

It doesn’t appear that much content was ever added to the game beyond the initial release. The first, and only, dev update in 2018 promised more content but it doesn’t appear any major updates ever took place.

About the Game

Negotiations have failed. We tried to destroy the technology we’d spent so long building. Now is the time for action. The ultimate battle for survival rages on between humans and androids. Use your strategies to dominate and destroy in System Siege. Who will be left when the smoke clears, commander?

System Siege is a top-down turn-based strategy game set in the distant future. An homage to the classics, System Siege showcases a diverse range of units and commanders to choose from – know their strengths and dominate.

Choose your commander from a set of three, each bringing a unique advantage to the battlefield. Featuring a unique soundtrack with a mix of retrowave and rock, the classics live again.

Early Access includes a campaign with three tutorial missions to teach the basics. When you’ve mastered the easy part, join a quick-play multiplayer game and test your mettle or create custom games against AI.

  • Use a variety of units, terrain and tactics to outsmart your enemy – whether flanking in the back for sabotage or mowing down exo soldiers in the front lines with heavy tanks. Our army is yours to command.
  • Assume the role of one of three commanders, each with a unique twist to keep your opponent on the edge. Build faster, move further, break better. Who will you be today, commander?
  • Test your mettle on the battlefield with 1v1 online quick-play, or challenge your friends and find out who ranks supreme when the dust has settled.

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