Side Bullet

Side Bullet

Digital ReleasePlayStation 5
October 04, 2023
DelistingOctober 24, 2023 – Removed From Sale
November 27, 2023 – Server Shutdown
Available OnNone
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Side Bullet launched as a PlayStation 5 exclusive at the beginning of October 2023 before quietly disappearing from the store just a few weeks later. On November 16th, the team at PressA announced that the game would be shutting down entirely for the few players that managed to grab the free-to-play shooter.

Hello, mercenaries.

We are saddened to announce some bad news to you. We have recently made a hard decision to end of our SIDE BULLET game service due to internal circumstances.

Even if it was a short time, we would like to express our gratitude and apologies to all the mercenaries who have enjoyed our game and showed us a lot of love and support. We will provide refunds for purchased items by following the SIE’s refund policy at the date of service end. To inquire for a refund, please visit the Playstation support page below.

– End of the service date : scheduled on Nov 27th, 2023 00:00 (UTC)
– Refund date: scheduled on Nov 27th, 2023 00:00 ~ (UTC)
– Inquiry about refund channel: Playstation support page

We will try our best to provide the service without any inconvenience until the end. Thank you.

Side Bullet Announcement – November 16, 2023

Side Bullet followed the footsteps of PressA’s earlier 2023 Steam release, Dead Cide Club, and it’s not just that they both share similar side-scrolling gameplay. Just a few months after its Early Access debut, the team announced on June 28th that Dead Cide Club would be shutting down within a month citing difficulties in matchmaking and balancing. Although the team promised they would be “working tirelessly” to bring the game back, they apparently pivoted things into Side Bullet instead.

As of the end of the refund period on November 27th, 2023, Side Bullet can no longer be re-downloaded, as the license for the game has been revoked from players’ libraries.

About the Game

Intense, exciting battles unfold in this side-view battlefield!
Defeat monsters, earn coins, acquire powerful weapons,
and rise as the final victor through high-level mind games and strategic play!

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