PongPong Girl leaving Steam “at the end of October”

PongPong Girl leaving Steam “at the end of October”

Developer/publisher HoneyHeart’s only Steam release, PongPong Girl, will be leaving the store “at the end of October”. The team announced the news on October 2nd:

We are very sorry, because there have always been some problems in the team’s operation, and it has been unable to solve it after many efforts. At present, PPG has been updated with all the content, and we will no longer be able to add new content to the game.

The game is expected to stop selling at the end of October. For players who have already purchased, they can continue to download, install and launch the game in the Steam library in the future. We are also very saddened by this last resort. Thank you very much for your company and support during this time. See you in the future!

Steam Store Announcement – October 02, 2022

I’ve added the 31st to the Watch List calendar and we’ll have a page up on the site later. Thanks to Auster for pointing out the news.