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PlayStation Store Resources for PSP & PS minis content

PlayStation Store Resources for PSP & PS minis content

Some of us went running to the PlayStation Store just on the rumor that access to digital content might change soon. Although Sony ultimately backed off of the decision for the “foreseeable future”, time is only running out on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation Portable content. With that in mind we gathered a bunch of resources for each platform to help you identify the exclusive games, the DLC-packed titles, and the ones that never made it out of their native regions.

NOTE: All PlayStation minis are playable on PSP while many of them are playable on PlayStation 3. A smaller number are playable on Vita and even fewer of them are supported on Vita TV.

PlayStation 3PlayStation VitaPSP & PS minis

ADDED JUNE 29, 2021
PSNProfiles – PSN Exclusives (PS3, PSV, PSP, even PS Mobile)
User Alpha-Jinro has done a ton of work to gather a listing of PlayStation Network digital exclusives across all platforms (even PlayStation Mobile which has been shut down for years). One category that I haven’t seen highlighted elsewhere are the Japan-only PSP exclusives. You’ll have to Ctrl+F and search for “PSP – JP” but they’re in there.

GameFAQs – Yes, that GameFAQs
People only think about GameFAQs for cheats and guides but the site has been gathering release information longer than most. I’ve used it as the basis of my research because they break out physical and digital release dates across regions. Here’s their page for all PlayStation Portable downloadable titles and PlayStation minis. Don’t forget the Region and Distribution filters if you’re looking for a specific territory or DLC. 

Wikipedia – Another Place to Look
Since PSP and PS minis releases didn’t have Trophies and are some of the oldest digital-only games, they aren’t tracked on TrueTrophies or PSPrices. Thankfully, Wikipedia has a good page for each. Here is their list of downloadable PSP titles and PlayStation minis releases.

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