DC Universe Online coming to Switch, delisting dread averted!

I couldn’t help but wonder how much longer Daybreak Game Company might last after the past few years of delistings and server shutdowns. We lost PlanetSide and Legends of Norrath in 2016, Landmark in 2017, and Just Survive last October. Knowing nothing else about the company’s financials or player base, it looked like things might be getting grim.

But hey, let’s look on the bright side for a change! Thanks to the Nintendo Switch the company has a huge new player base to monetize with their long-running MMORPG, DC Universe Online. Launching later this Summer, the free-to-play MMO will initially run on its own server with crossplay between PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox players a possibility down the line.

And for now that’s about all there is to say except that I’m glad I don’t have to write an obituary for a game as long-lasting as DCUO (not yet anyways).