Viewing Company : Playism

Digital Release:PC
July 15, 2013 (Desura)
January 07, 2016 (Steam)

PlayStation 4, Vita (as Futuridium EP Deluxe)
September 30, 2014 (US)
October 01, 2014 (AU, EU)

Nintendo Wii U (as Futuridium EP Deluxe)
May 26, 2016 (EU, US)

Nintendo 3DS (as Futuridium EP Deluxe)
September 08, 2016 (US)
September 15, 2016 (EU)
Delisting:November 2016 - Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS
Publisher:MixedBag (Console)
Available On:PlayStation 4
PlayStation Vita
Links:Futuridium homepage page (Wii U, 3DS) [Archive]

Digital Release:PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
October 14, 2014 (AU, EU, US)
September 10, 2015 (JP)

July 17, 2015

Xbox One (as Full Arsenal Edition)
February 12, 2016 (EU, US)
Delisting:January - March 2020 - Xbox One
March 17, 2020 - Steam
May 2020 - PlayStation 3, 4 (JP)
Developer:Forge Reply
Publisher:Forge Reply (PlayStation 3/4, Xbox One)
Playism (Steam)
Active Gaming Media (PlayStation 3/4 [JP])
Available On:PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
Links:SteamDB page page [Archive]

In Space We Brawl leaving Steam on March 17th

Publisher Playism and developer Forge Reply announced on March 4th that their couch combat title, In Space We Brawl, will be removed from Steam on March 17th. The game has been on an 80% off sale since the announcement:

Hello brawlers! We have some sad news concerning multiplayer space shooter In Space We Brawl. It has been regretfully decided that the game will be removed from the Steam store as of March 17th. However, from now until the game is removed it will be available for 80% off! Now is literally your last chance to buy this game!

Comment from the developer, Forge Reply: We are now restructuring our portfolio and In Space We Brawl will no longer be available on Steam. Please note that, if you have purchased a copy of the game, it will remain available in your game library. Our deepest thanks to all the players who have brawled in space with us!

For those who have yet to play the game it is the last chance to do so. It is a local multiplayer game, so at release many users may not have been able to play with their friends as they would have liked. But now the game can be played on Steam Remote Play so even if your friends don’t own the game you will be able to play with them!

This could also be a good chance to gift the game to some of your friends as it is available at an extremely low cost at the moment. We hope you take this opportunity to play this fun little game!

In Space We Brawl is also poised to disappear on consoles. While we’ve received no confirmation just yet, the game was recently removed from Xbox One where it was published by Forge Reply themselves. As of this writing both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions are still available but may be delisted soon. I’ve added the date to the Watch List calendar and will have a page up on the site soon.

Croixleur Sigma returns to Steam but it isn't quite a Relisting

Back in May, Nyu Media announced that their rights to publish the original version of Croixleur Sigma from 2014 were coming to an end and that the game would be delisted. However, after that original release, developer souvenir circ. teamed up with publisher Playism to remaster the game for PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, and most recently, the Nintendo Switch.

And now we’ve come full (souvenir) circle as Playism has brought the newer edition of the game to Steam as Croixleu Sigma – Deluxe Edition. So yes, the game is back but that original PC version remains delisted and probably won’t see a legitimate release ever again.

I’ve updated the game’s page on the site with info about the new release but this one seems different enough that I’m not going to label it as a relisting. Thanks to @ViperAcidZX for pointing out the new release.