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PLAYISM storefront shuts down March 24th, Purchase History expires May 19th [UPDATE: New Dates]

PLAYISM storefront shuts down March 24th, Purchase History expires May 19th [UPDATE: New Dates]

[UPDATED 04/17/21] PLAYISM updated their blog post on April 12th with some slightly revised dates. New information is reflected below in our original post from February 26th and has been updated on the Watch List calendar.

PLAYISM, the digital indie games storefront that launched in 2011 with a focus on Japanese releases, has announced that they will be terminating sales of games and content on March 24th, 2021. “Please don’t worry,” the statement opens, promising that PLAYISM will continue to localize and publish indie games for both PC and consoles going forward. In a landscape with so many digital storefronts and app marketplaces already, it’s no surprise that PLAYISM’s niche angle has become hard to sustain.

In order to continue to contribute to the indie games industry from here on out, we have plans to renovate the PLAYISM official website and update some of our services, which led us to this point today. We deeply apologize to all of our users and supporters for any inconvenience or trouble this may cause for you, and we hope you continue to show your support and continue on this journey together with us.

Additionally, and this is the major point, account history and previous purchases will become unavailable on May 10th May 19th, 2021 as the site undergoes a major redesign. If you ever bought anything through PLAYISM you should get back into your account soon to install or download any games and content you purchased, or redeem any valid Steam keys. For those interested, PLAYISM currently offers almost 200 games, 11 of which are free, as well as 54 soundtracks and bundles.

Customer service requests for help reacquiring content will only be accepted through May 17th August 18th. PLAYISM will be updating their blog post with an FAQ over the coming weeks but right now there is no additional information. Similar to past marketplaces that have shut down, I’ll be adding a page for PLAYISM in the future as it was often another place to check for delisted titles. La-Mulana, Armored Hunter GUNHOUND EX, Croixleur Sigma, and Frozen Synapse Prime are just a few of the delisted names that come to mind.