Croixleur Sigma returns to Steam but it isn’t quite a Relisting

Croixleur Sigma returns to Steam but it isn't quite a Relisting

Back in May, Nyu Media announced that their rights to publish the original version of Croixleur Sigma from 2014 were coming to an end and that the game would be delisted. However, after that original release, developer souvenir circ. teamed up with publisher Playism to remaster the game for PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, and most recently, the Nintendo Switch.

And now we’ve come full (souvenir) circle as Playism has brought the newer edition of the game to Steam as Croixleu Sigma – Deluxe Edition. So yes, the game is back but that original PC version remains delisted and probably won’t see a legitimate release ever again.

I’ve updated the game’s page on the site with info about the new release but this one seems different enough that I’m not going to label it as a relisting. Thanks to @ViperAcidZX for pointing out the new release.