Armored Hunter GUNHOUND EX

Armored Hunter GUNHOUND EX

Digital ReleaseSteam
May 1, 2014

Mar 30, 2015
DelistingOctober 16, 2018
Available OnPC Trial version [Archive]
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Armored Hunter GUNHOUND EX was delisted from PLAYISM and Steam on October 16th, 2018. The removal was announced by PLAYISM on October 9th, both on their own site and on the game’s Steam Community forums. The post read:

“In accordance with the temporary suspension of operations of DRACUE Co., Ltd., owners of the rights to Armored Hunter GUNHOUND EX, distribution of the PC version of said title has been scheduled to end on October 16th, 2018.

This includes distribution of the game on both Steam and the PLAYISM website.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our users, and we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you very much for playing Armored Hunter GUNHOUND EX.”

We have found no further explanation of Dracue’s “temporary suspension of operations”. A downloadable trial of the PC version of GUNHOUND can be downloaded through an archived version of Dracue’s site. Their only other title, the 2015 update of Assault Suit Leynos, is currently still available to download on Steam and PlayStation 4 where it was published by Rising Star Games.

About the Game


The prominent 2-D robot action/shooting game, Armored Hunter Gunhound EX, has been adapted from the PSP version for overseas audiences, and is making it’s return to Windows!

Beginners will love the new tutorial mode as well as endless continues, as well as strategy videos and the ability to jump straight to the strategy guide from within the game.

Thanks to MrFortyFIve for submitting this information to the site