Digital ReleasePlayStation 3 (cross-play on PSP, Vita)
March 08, 2007 (NA)
June 22, 2007 (EU)
DelistingEarly 2020
DeveloperPsygnosis/Studio Liverpool
Available OnDigital:
PlayStation 3 (cross-play on PSP, Vita) [NA]

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WipEout, WipEout Pure, and WipEout HD were delisted from the PlayStation Store across Europe and Australia, likely in early 2020 but no later than April 8th when they were submitted to the site. The original WipEout has also been delisted in Japan but the other two titles remain available.

The causes for the delistings are uncertain as Sony owns the original properties created by Psygnosis (later Studio Liverpool) and was the publisher of their digital releases. It is possible that some kind of renewal process on the PlayStation Store — or possibly even with the PEGI ratings board — has to take place and that the titles will reappear soon. Meanwhile, all titles remain available digitally in North America.

About the Game

Purchase this PS one® Classic and play it on both your PS3™ and PSP® systems! Strap yourself in and hit the course at light-speed, blasting your opponents in the only racing game where combat comes as standard. Lightning reflexes rule in this two player race ‘n’ chase thriller that wipes the floor with anything on the track.

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