It’s June 1st, the site has over 100 delisted titles and our hosting migration looks to have been a success. So it’s time to officially launch this thing! You can read more about our history here but for this sticky post I wanted to point out some features of the site to help you get started.

That big search bar up top will autocomplete and filter titles as you type them. It’s not as fast as Google but it’ll get you there without having to wait on a search page each time you want to check a game. If you’d rather see all the games sorted by platform head up to THE GAMES menu and hit All Games. If you want to get more specific we’ve got even more options.

The Watch List is a collection of headlines and rumors that point to potential delistings. I’ve even worked up a handy calendar for confirmed delistings so you can see what’s coming up in the weeks and months ahead. The Extinct List is the end of the line and a page we hope doesn’t get longer. These games are totally unattainable by conventional means. Lastly is the Site History which will show you every page that’s been added to the site, sorted by month. It’s the Full View of the Latest Additions you can see in the sidebar at right (bottom on mobile). 


I get a lot of questions on my YouTube videos from frustrated players who purchased delisted games but have changed consoles or had to format a hard drive. That’s where the Get Your Games Back! page comes in. There are videos for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 that show how to dig through your purchase history to re-download some of the games you already paid for.

And it wouldn’t be a modern website if I weren’t looking for visitor support! I’m trying not to junk the site up with ad banners so I’ve turned to Patreon in hopes that visitors, researchers or curious gamers will help out with a small donation. You can also check out our affiliate links to Amazon and Play-Asia at the bottom of every page where a portion of your purchases helps cover the costs of running the site.

A couple final tips:
If you see a title with an * at the end that means it’s a placeholder. The game is delisted but we haven’t gotten to fill in all the details just yet.

The site currently focuses on North American and European delistings. The language barrier makes researching delisted games in Japan, Korea and China exceedingly slow and uncertain. Some delisted games are available in those territories though, and we’ll link to them whenever possible.

Due to the changing nature of digital releases the site will be in flux indefinitely. That’s why you’ll find a “last updated” timestamp on every page. If you see details we’re missing, know of a delisted game we don’t have or want to provide feedback on the site itself use our contact form here.


Thanks for taking a look at the site. It’s sort of like a video game graveyard around here but it’s also a place to memorialize these lost games. Feel free to leave a comment with your memories or thoughts on any page or join us on Facebook and Twitter for more discussions and reminiscence.