Transpose, Blasters of the Universe, The Great C leaving Steam “after May”

Transpose, Blasters of the Universe, The Great C leaving Steam “after May”

Back in February developer Secret Location announced that NERF Ultimate Championship on Oculus would be removed from sale but not for the typical expired licensing. Due to “recent changes at our parent company” Secret Location announced that the studio would be shutting down and we’ve seen some of their titles fall off of storefronts since. Most of their remaining titles were still available on Steam but just this Wednesday they finally updated the store pages for Transpose, Blasters of the Universe, and The Great C with the following announcement:

Today we’re announcing that we are sunsetting support for The Great C [Transpose, and Blasters of the Universe] and it will no longer be available to purchase after May 2023. We thank you for your understanding, and appreciate everyone who has played this game since launch.

Secret Location Steam Announcement – April 12, 2023

I was already working on pages for their other titles when they broke the news earlier this week. Those will be up on the site after the Steam delistings but here’s a quick rundown on everything they’ve released and what’s still available for anyone looking to pick things up before they’re gone:

  • Blasters of the Universe (Steam, Oculus [Delisted], PlayStation 4 [AU, EU, NA])
  • The Great C (Steam)
  • NERF Ultimate Championship (Oculus [Delisted])
  • The Professor Presents: #GotHandles (Steam, Oculus)
  • Transpose (Steam, Oculus [Delisted], PlayStation 4 [Delisted])
  • Welcome to Wacken – VR Documentary (Steam, Oculus)
  • Paranormal Pest Patrol (location-based, free-roam VR installations)

For those interested, the parent company they mentioned is Entertainment One (eOne), a long-standing media and entertainment company that was acquired by Hasbro in December of 2019. Starting in 2022 Hasbro began consolidating and selling off eOne assets and studios, most of which related to television and film properties. As one of eOne’s only attempts to get into gaming, Secret Location is likely being shut down rather than sold off resulting in the delisting of all of its titles. So grab the few that are remaining now because it’s unlikely they’ll ever pop up for sale again.

Thanks to Serrated-banner9 for submitting the news, I’ve added an end-of-May date to the Watch List calendar.