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The Free Ones

The Free Ones

Digital ReleaseSteam
July 12, 2018
Delisting April 01, 2022
DeveloperFarSky Interactive
PublisherFarSky Interactive
Available OnNone
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All three titles from FarSky Interactive — FarSky, Sky Break, and The Free Ones — were delisted on Steam on April 1st, 2022. Leading up to this, the team announced on Steam and in their email newsletter on March 19th, 2022 that all three titles would be delisted “in April”. The Steam Store pages were updated with a short announcement:

In April 2022, the game will be removed from the Steam store. Anyone who already bought the game will still be able to play it. The same will apply for all the games of the Farsky Interactive company.

Making our games was an intense journey. We made them all with care and passion. We thank everyone who enjoyed our games, and hope we brought some hapinness, emotion and fun to most of you.

In a few follow-up replies the developer confirmed that a final discount sale would begin after a few days. They also expressed their gratitude for the comments since the news broke and contemplated eventually writing a postmortem on the company’s history.

Hello everyone. Thank you for all your messages, it is really unexpected for me and very touching. Sincerely. I am thinking about making a postmortem, explaining the short story behind the company and the difficulties I faced. Also, I may put some light on the all “Subnautica / FarSky” inspiration thing. Would you find that intersting ? Where could I put this ?

Farsky Interactive officially stopped working on new games in November of 2018 but maintained their three releases until 2022.

About the Game

Follow Theo’s dizzying adventure in first-person platformer “The Free Ones”. Soar through the air with your grapple, blaze a trail through the canyons and take part in an extraordinary story.

A story with a twist
Play the role of prisoner Theo as one day he manages to escape from the slave mines using a grapple system, before meeting Lana and a group of refugees, who let you in on their plan to leave the island. You accept, but nothing could prepare you for what you will encounter along the way.

A unique grapple system
The unique grapple system featured in “The Free Ones” allows you to take to the skies as you make your way through the levels. Use your momentum to swing through the air and cover considerable distances at dizzying heights. Wooden surfaces are your best ally. Learn how to turn your surroundings to your advantage and use your wits to progress further in the game.

A man-made island
The mines represent an original and varied playground. Scale the wooden structures. Use the moving crates and carts to make your way through the levels. Climb onto the roof of the hurtling trains. Swing across waterfalls and clamber onto anything that floats as you head down the rivers.

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