Test Tube Titans

Test Tube Titans

Digital ReleaseSteam
March 05, 2020
DelistingJune 15, 2020
DeveloperGhost Time Games
PublisherGhost Time Games
Available OnPC (itch.io)
LinksGhost Time Games homepage
SteamDB page


Art Sqool was one of several games that was removed from Steam by its developer in June of 2020 in response to Valve’s silence over the Black Lives Matter movement and the death of George Floyd. The move was first made by Julian Glander who announced in a now-deleted tweet on June 12th, 2020 that he would remove both Art Sqool and Lovely Weather We’re Having from the platform.

Shortly after, Ghost Time Games founder Gabriel Koenig announced he had done the same, resulting in the delisting of Test Tube Titans and Jettomero from Steam. Dan Sanderson also removed the title First Winter from Steam. By June 17th, 2020, ‘Game Devs of Color Expo’ organizer Shawn Alexander Allen tweeted to confirm that Valve had pledged to sponsor the event. He also pointed out that Valve had recently announced their support of the ‘Black Voices in Gaming’ event from Guerilla Collective.

In all cases the titles remain available on PC from itch.io and some are available on other platforms.

About the Game

Grow procedurally generated monsters in a lab and then send them out into the world to create havoc using physics-based controls. That’s the basic idea behind Test Tube Titans.

  • Per Limb Control! A complex but rewarding control system that is fun and satisfying. (best enjoyed with a controller)
  • Random Character Generation! With an infinite array of possible titans every experience will never be the same.
  • Fully Destructible Environments! Dismantle buildings, fight off law enforcement, eat people.
  • Unlock Rewards! Upgrade your lab as you progress to achieve more powerful titans through cross-breeding, special abilities, and larger containment cells.
  • Local Multiplayer! Play co-op (2 players) with a friend through the main campaign, or go head-to-head wrestling (up to 4 players)! *
  • A Challenging Campaign! 35 missions to prove your mastery of the titans.
  • Creative Mode! Jump straight into making the weirdest and strongest titans without any restrictions.
  • Lo-fi Soundtrack! Over 30 original music tracks to set the mood.
  • Custom level editor (still in BETA) lets you create your own cities using the same tool as the developer.