Share Your Reactions on all new Posts and Games on the Site

“Reactions” is a feature I looked at for the site way back in 2016 but I was never happy with the price or the implementation of most options out there. Not long ago however, the plug-in we use for commenting on the site, Disqus, rolled them out as a free feature so, like, why not?

It’s a little funky in that the emoji reaction buttons won’t show up on any old posts, but going forward feel free to react to any new posts on the site with a quick click down towards the bottom of the page. Bonus: you don’t even need a Disqus account to use them! So chime in with your reactions on news and games: let the world know you approve, disagree, can’t believe, or can’t stand for this delisting nonsense.

I hope that these simple little tallies of angry, sad, and reminiscent reactions can one day prove to some publishers that there are enough people out here that would love to see their games back on sale.