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Rollers of the Realm temporarily re-Delisted on PlayStation 4

Rollers of the Realm temporarily re-Delisted on PlayStation 4

An unfortunate administrative snafu has temporarily taken Rollers of the Realm off sale for PlayStation 4 in North America, Australia, and Europe. After reader BoGa MoGe pointed out the re-delisting earlier this week I reached out to developer (and now publisher) Phantom Compass. The studio hopes to have the fantasy-RPG-pinball title back online around October 12th but for the time being it is available on PlayStation Vita and Steam.

Rollers of the Realm was originally delisted on PlayStation 4 in late 2019 when the studio’s deal with Atlus ended and publishing rights were transferred to Phantom Compass. The game then returned to sale in April but apparently the ink on their publishing deal was still drying and, well, here we are. I’m not going to update the game’s page just yet as I hope this is a very brief delisting.