Midnight Club: LA Remix

Midnight Club: LA Remix

Digital Release:PlayStation Portable
October 09, 2009 (AU, EU)
October 15, 2009 (US)
June 29, 2015 (JP)
Delisting:April 2014 - July 2015
Developer:Rockstar London
Publisher:Rockstar Games
Available On:Retail:
PlayStation Portable
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Midnight Club LA Remix was likely delisted on the PlayStation Portable between April 2014 and July 2015. The game was last featured in a Rockstar Games sale on the PlayStation Store in February (NA) and March of 2014 (AU, EU). A commenter on a PlayStation Blog post in July of 2015 confirmed that the titles were no longer available to buy, at least in North America. Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition and Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix were also featured in these sales and likely delisted around the same time.

In all cases, licensing is presumably the cause for the delistings. The games heavily feature licensed music from electronic, hip hop, and rap artists as well as licensed vehicles and aftermarket parts from real-world manufacturers. In the case of the DUB Edition titles, the DUB brand would also have been a separate license.

About the Game

Midnight Club L.A. Remix for the PSP system features all of the licensed cars, the deep customization, and the breakneck racing action from the console versions of Midnight Club Los Angeles, as well as these special unique gameplay elements and modes you will only find in this handheld release.

Arcade & Career Modes
Midnight Club L.A. Remix has two distinct single player gameplay modes for different types of gamers. In addition to a robust open-ended Career mode patterned after the one in Midnight Club Los Angeles, players can also jump into Arcade mode for quick-play races and modes, including the L.A. Remix-exclusive Frenzy – a points-based mode that requires quick reflexes and unmatched nerve to avoid a barrage of oncoming traffic, while racing against the clock through a series of checkpoints.

On top of racing through a vastly detailed Los Angeles that includes real landmarks and streets, variable weather patterns and three different times of day, the Midnight Club ventures across the Pacific to the crowded streets of Tokyo for unique races and career challenges exclusive to Midnight Club L.A. Remix.

Midnight Club L.A. Remix features multiplayer racing for up to 4 players via local ad-hoc Wi-Fi. In addition to the inclusion of many popular Midnight Club fan-favorite modes, L.A. Remix features a pair of exclusive multiplayer game types not found in the console version: Paint and Tag.

When Paint starts, a number of checkpoints will be scattered all over the city. During the race, each time a vehicle crosses through it, that checkpoint will become painted in a color assigned to that vehicle. The first player to mark a set limit of checkpoints in their color, or to have the most checkpoints in their color at the end of the time limit, wins.

At the beginning of the race, a single checkpoint is revealed. The last driver to reach this checkpoint is made “It” and a zone is created around their car. Now all the other drivers can score points by staying inside this zone. The closer you get to the tagged racer, the more points you will score, but if you touch the tagged racer, you’ll become the next target. Tag races are only available in Tokyo.

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