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Hot New Placeholder Pages are a Go

_blankboxUp to now I’ve been fully researching and building out game pages on the site before posting them. Initially this was to make sure there was a bunch of quality content before I launched the site but the process can take quite a bit of time. While I’d like to present fully fleshed out pages it seems silly to sit on the names of games I know are delisted. So here come placeholders!

Thanks to a handy plugin that lets me duplicate posts I can now get temporary pages up on the site in a matter of minutes and circle back later to fill them in with details. This way everyone can confirm that a game has been delisted even if the full story isn’t ready to go. If you see an *  in a game’s title or one of these blank cover images you can rest assured that the full details aren’t yet in but that the game is delisted on at least one platform.